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Glass By Michael

Electroform, Fused Glass and Metal Art

Michael | Hobbyist Geek

Limitless Possibilities

I add both beauty and function to all my work…

I am a self-taught fused glass, electroforming, and metal artist who graduated from university with a major in art.

Glass By Michael

The Art of Electroforming, Fused Glass, and Metal Art

Glass By Michael

Attention To Detail!

Idea & Concept is important because it forces me to have a very clear understanding and definition of my art projects.
Idea & Concept
Design & Production​
Design is what I use to set me apart from other artists I use the process for creative problem-solving.
Design & Production​
Research has been a vital role in my art.  Research also helps secure a unique vantage point over my art.
I spread the word about my art as a process of creating awareness and interest for my work as an artist.
Sales & Support​

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